Frequently Asked Questions About The HCG Diet

Rosy Sandhu, M.D. at Neem Medical Spa & Wellness Center is a Boston HCG Injections Specialist that offers customized programs to men and women that want to achieve a healthier physique through losing weight. With a primary goal to prevent obesity related illnesses, Rosy Sandhu, M.D. helps patients to quickly and safely lose weight with the HCG Diet. Tailoring HCG Diet plans to suit individual goals, needs, and preferences, Rosy Sandhu, M.D. has helped vast numbers of men and women in the Middlesex County and Boston areas to successfully lose weight. She thoroughly assesses each patient when determining candidacy for the HCG Diet and is happy to answer any questions that may arise throughout the process.

Some of the common questions she often receives include:

What is HCG?

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone present in both male and female bodies. The HCG hormone interacts directly with the metabolism and is typically produced by the body when during periods of low-caloric intake to help the body metabolize fat stores for energy needed, preventing muscle atrophy.

Who discovered HCG?

While in India in the 1950’s, Dr. ATW Simeons witnessed malnourished women giving birth to full-term, healthy babies. It was then that Dr. Simeons realized that HCG was the hormone responsible for this unbelievable feat. Dr. Simeons was the first physician to understand that HCG is produced naturally in the bodies of pregnant women to break down stores of fat and deliver nourishment to the developing fetus, even when the mother was malnourished herself.

How does HCG help with weight loss?

HCG interacts with your metabolism to keep you from feeling hungry while it burns away stored fat and provides you with energy. It’s that simple! In addition, HCG helps you retain muscle mass and tone that is often lost when weight loss occurs. HCG sheds unwanted pounds while keeping your body toned and fit.

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet consists of very low calorie diet that is supplemented with daily injections of the HCG hormone. Injections are fast and easy and during your initial consultation with Rosy Sandhu, M.D., and she will instruct you on the proper way to inject yourself with the HCG hormone. While a very low-calorie diet by itself may help you lose weight, supplementing your diet with HCG will prevent you from experiencing hunger as those who don’t supplement their diets with the HCG hormone when on very low-calorie diets often experience. HCG and your metabolism interact to burn those excess stores of fat your body saves, while preserving muscle mass and shaping muscle tone. And, just as important, HCG helps stave of feelings of anxiety and depression that can accompany diets with very low caloric intake. This is what HCG and the HCG diet can do for you!

What can I eat on the HCG diet?

The HCG diet focuses on low calorie meals that include lean proteins like steak and chicken, in addition to fresh vegetables and fruits that are low in sugar. Dieters that are vegetarians can also enjoy the benefits of the HCG diet by supplementing lean meats with foods that are sources of lean protein. Consult Rosy Sandhu, M.D. today about what foods are right for you.

How do I purchase HCG?

The only safe, legal and reliable way to receive HCG is from a physician. The best way to get HCG is via injection supervised by a certified and experienced HCG Diet medical weight loss professional.

How do I start taking control of my weight problems with the HCG diet?

The safest, most effective way to begin an HCG diet is to consult Rosy Sandhu, M.D. today. She meets with you and assesses your overall health. In addition, she will check your hormone levels to determine how much HCG you will need on a daily basis and which foods you may to eat and how many calories you can consume in order to achieve your full weight-loss potential. That’s what sets Rosy Sandhu, M.D. apart from others who claim to be weight loss experts. Our hormone specialists will put you on a program designed specifically for your individual needs and metabolism. Our physicians don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight management. It’s our belief that for maximum results and efficiency, an HCG diet most be tailored to that particular person’s body.

How much weight can I expect to lose on the HCG diet?

Results will vary from person to person but most people lose about a pound to a pound and a half per day or up to 45 pounds in a month during the initial phase of the diet. It’s important to focus on yourself and not compare yourself to others due to each person being unique and each diet is specialized for that unique individual. The weight will come off if you adhere to your diet’s guidelines and supplement your diet with the HCG hormone. Weight loss is fast and safe when supervised by Doctor Rosy Sandhu.

Am I a candidate for the HCG diet?

People who are considered obese (i.e., BMI of 25 or more) or have 20 pounds of body fat are good candidates for the HCG diet. Those who are considering medical weight loss surgery or have other medical problems in conjunction with being overweight are also good candidates for the HCG diet. Heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure may be indicators that this is the right medically supervised weight management program for you. Contact Rosy Sandhu, M.D. today for more information about the HCG diet and how this program can transform your life.

Can I exercise on the HCG diet?

Exercise may or may not be part of your individual weight loss program. It’s very important to consult Rosy Sandhu, M.D. before beginning any exercise regimen. Depending on your overall health and hormone levels, your physician will determine whether you can exercise and which exercises are appropriate for you.

How long is the average HCG diet for?

Each diet program is individualized for maximum benefit and effectiveness. Depending on how much weight you want to lose and the recommendations by your weight loss professional, an HCG diet can last anywhere from 23-40 days. Each person’s body is unique and each diet program is designed for that person’s specific needs. Your weight loss professional will help you determine the correct length of the program based on your goals and your unique body structure. Consult Rosy Sandhu, M.D. today to begin your new, healthy life today.

Rosy Sandhu, M.D. at Neem Medical Spa & Wellness Center is a Boston HCG Diet Doctor that has helped wide numbers of men and women to achieve their weight loss goals with the HCG Diet. Providing safe and effective HCG weight loss programs, Rosy Sandhu, M.D. has helped patients to look and feel better from the inside out. Many patients have obtained life-changing results with the help of the HCG Diet.

To learn more about obtaining a specialized HCG Diet plan, contact Boston HCG Diet Doctor, Rosy Sandhu, M.D. at Neem Medical Spa & Wellness Center to schedule a consultation!